Eddy King - The 1$

When you think the OG Torker, you think Eddy King - he may not of been the first rider on the team, but he definately made an impact with being the first Torker rider to have a signature frame. Eddy and his EK signature frame were synonymous with the original era of Torker. And for good reason, Not only was Eddy a Bad Ass, Eddy was friendly and had and has friends everywhere he goes.

Eddy rode for Torker for 2 years getting 2 number one plates while showcasing the Yellow and Black around the world before getting recruited over to the "Other Guys" but the legacy he left behind was indeliable and will forever be a part of BMX racing history.  When you think Torker, you think Eddy King.

Eddy King on his Torker BMX ahead of Nor Cal's Brent Patterson