Torker BMX Models

The History of Torker BMX Models -

Prior to Torker the company was run by John Johnson, Steve Johnson's dad, called Texon founded in 1975.  Steve's younger brother Doug was racing BMX but wanted a better bike so his Dad created the first prototype.

1976 Steve changed the name to Johnson Engineering then again to Torker.  His Mom, Doris, was the bookkeeper & Doug ran the sister company MAX which started in 1980. 

1976-1979 Torker MX (Big Bike), large Pro size frame with forward facing dropouts then in May 1978 changed to rear facing dropouts (20" Top tube). Had all mild steel & chromoly tube models.  The headtube & bottom bracket were still mild steel. 

1978-1982 Torker L.P., Low Profile for the smaller & expert racers with redefined geometry (18.5" Top tube). Again had all mild steel & chromoly tube models. Mild steel serial numbers ending in an "M"
1978 Torker L.P.G.T. complete bike with European bottom bracket & serial number ending in an "E"

1979 Torker TorkFlyte complete Expert bike 
1979 Torker MaxFlyte complete Pro bike 

1979-1982 Torker L.P. Long model, Low Profile but one inch longer top tube (19.5").  Again had all mild steel and chromoly tube models.  Serial number ending in an "O"

1979-1980 Torker Eddy King replica model, Low Profile with European bottom bracket. 

1979, late in the year the serial numbers changed from the Bottom brackets to the right rear inner dropout. 
1980 Torker TrashFlyte complete bike, all mild steel with steel components 

1980-1983 Torker Mini, light weight & no gussets. Serial number ending in a "R"
1981 Torker 26" cruiser chromoly frame & forks with serial number ending in a "C"
1982 Torker 24" cruiser chromoly frame & forks with a serial number ending in a "C"

1982-1983 Torker LPT, Low Profile with European bottom bracket as Eddy King was now riding for Diamond Back 
1982 Torker 340 complete 24" cruiser 
1982 Torker 280 complete 20" bike 
1982 Torker 280x complete 20" bike, longer frame 
1982 Torker serial numbers changed to begin with TZZ down to TAA in September 
1982 Torker built the first freestyle specific frame & fork, the Haro Freestyler with a serial number ending in "F"
1982 Torker 280 & 280x frames had an oval gusset to prevent cracks with new decals 

1983 Torker Pro-X frame with no classic gusset, machined head tube & bottom bracket, & Redline style head tube gussets.  Serial numbers ending in "P"
1983 Torker made Haro Freestylers were now made by Anlun (Taiwan) late 1983. 

1984 Torker Micro Mini which was a smaller/lighter mini with an integrated seat post clamp and parallel double top tubes 
1984 Torker TorkLite complete Micro mini bike 
1984 Torker Freestylist, Designed by Martin Aparijo & not many produced due to the bankruptcy November 1984. 
1984 Mini Pro, Made specifically for Craig Bark but was not mass produced due to the bankruptcy which was larger than a Micro Mini but smaller than a Pro-X 
1984 Torker Magnum complete bike, low end version like the 280 
1984 Torker filed for bankruptcy 

1986 Torker name bought by Tioga & Torker 2 Freestyle brand was introduced  1990's Torker name owned by Seattle Bike Supply & produced alloy 20" & 24" frame, forks

1997-2002 Torker is revamped under SBS and starts to build complete bikes again.

After that, Torker entered a real real dark period for the next 20 years where they disappeared.  They did have their name pop up on some Unicycles, 3 wheelers, Townie bikes and other things that the distributors wanted to just slap a name on, but even that stopped almost 10 years ago in 2013, and the brand sat dormant for the last decade.

In 2015 we started the purchase process from Accell NA the then owner of Torker and Redline Bicycles to bring Torker back to it's former glory. The true BMX roots that it needed to have. to literally NUKE the last 20 years plus of TORKER history from existence and bring back what Torker stood for.  So here we are. The new dawn of Torker, Torker v5 as some might say... and hopefully the best Torker yet, we know that is a big statement given the roots of the Torker tree, but we aim to