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Torker | PRO-X Frame Set

Torker | PRO-X Frame Set

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It's 1984. Mike Miranda is showboating around the world on it. Tommy Brackens is shredding tires off of his. It's the Torker PRO-X! You know you wanted one... Trust us, we did too, and that's part of why we brought it back for you.

The PRO-X was the first Torker to use the small triangle downtube gussets instead of the the traditional sideplate gussets, and now this iconic frame is back as our FULLY MODERN RACE MACHINE with a 1 1/8" threadless steertube, a 27.2 seatmast, V brakes, a Euro bottom bracket... you know all the modern BMX stuff that a modern BMX race bike should have. And of course it is full 4130 Cro-mo, as ALWAYS.

Available in Pro XL , Pro XXL and 24" Pro XL Cruiser

Modern Race Geometry:
Pro XL - 
21.25" TT, 15.25" C/S, 11.625" BB Height , 74.5º HA
Pro XXL - 
21.75" TT, 15.25" C/S, 11.625" BB Height , 74.5º HA
Pro XL Cruiser ( 24" Wheels )  -
22" TT, 15.35" C/S, 11.625" BB Height , 73.5º HA


  • Includes 1 1/8”, 4130 Cro-mo Heat Treated Torker threadless forks
  • Show Chrome
  • Seamless 4130 Chromoly tubing
  • Traditional dual top tube race frame
  • Euro BB Shell
  • Double Thick ( 1/4" ) Laser Cut Cro-mo Dropouts
  • Modern Chainstay Brace
  • Integrated Campy® Headtube
  • 3/8" dropouts front and rear

 Uses (but does not include)

  • 1 1/8" Integrated Headset
  • V Brakes
  • 27.2 post
  • 28.6 clamp
First Production is only available in Triple Show Chrome Plated and limited qty.

25 pcs Pro XL
50 pcs Pro XXL
25 pcs Pro XL 24"

    Matching pads are available, made exclusively for us by Flite® in Black or Yellow

    Please post pics of your builds and share your serial # on the Torker Racing Riders Group

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Scott Price
    Grown 80s kid

    The frame is perfect and welds are amazing the chrome is like mirror. Im looking forward to the build. The EK i had in the 80's was really small so this will be awesome. I Will update after the build.


    A+++ Extremely happy!!!!!


    Nice! I Love it! Good Seller and Fast shipping! Thanks!


    Awesome product . Definitely ordering again!